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For nearly a century, Mercedes-Benz has made it our mission to move the world. Through our employees and their achievements, we’ve created a company we can all be proud of.

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    Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1926 by Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach and Emil Jellinek, whose daughter Mercedes is our original namesake.

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    With offices in 93 locations worldwide and a corporate headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, our global presence continues to grow.

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    Our vehicles are manufactured in 17 countries on five continents, and distributed all over the world.

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    From the crumple zone in 1959 to the airbag in 1980 and PRE-SAFE® braking in 2002, Mercedes-Benz has invented many of the automotive technologies we see today.

Bertha Benz: The First Driver

She forged the road ahead and paved it for us all. Discover the story of Bertha Benz and her historic first drive.

No Limits

Mercedes-Benz x Matchbox: No Limits

With a Matchbox car and its incredible backstory, we’ve collaborated with Mattel to remind girls they have no limits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mercedes-Benz USA is committed to being a valued and vibrant member of the communities in which our employees live and work. The primary goal is to protect the next generation and will be accomplished through philanthropic partnerships improve the education, empowerment and environment of underserved and marginalized groups. Mercedes-Benz USA supports our communities through volunteerism in which our employees and executives not only participate in projects, but also share the expertise and experience that we at Mercedes are uniquely qualified to provide.

The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund

Through our partnership with the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, Mercedes-Benz helps honor military service and sacrifice by providing scholarships to veterans and military family members, particularly the children of our nation’s fallen and disabled. Since 2014, Johnny Mac has awarded $6 million in scholarships to over 700 scholars.

Visit johnnymac.org

Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA

A nationwide network of youth sports programs, Laureus Sport for Good is focused on improving the health, education, employment and social cohesion of underserved communities. Since 2012, they’ve helped over 480,000 kids in 110 cities and have trained and placed over 3,300 coaches who serve as mentors in their communities.

Visit Laureususa.com

MBUSA’s Focus on the Westside

For MBUSA, Atlanta is home. That’s why we enlist the help of Laureus Sport for Good to use the power of sports to provide safe afterschool options and youth programming in Atlanta’s Westside. In addition, we work with over 30 local organizations, investing nearly $5 million to create a future that’s hopeful and sustainable for the neighborhood youth.

M.R. Hollis Innovation Academy

Located just blocks from Mercedes-Benz Stadium, M.R. Hollis Innovation Academy is a STEM-themed public school for K-8th graders. Through extensive volunteer work, our employees have helped build workplaces for students and teachers, assisted in the classroom, and read to students about transformational topics like social justice.

Junior Achievement of Georgia

Together, Junior Achievement and Mercedes-Benz are bringing authentic, real-world experiences to local Discovery Centers and the JA Academy. With educational programs on career readiness, goal setting, job shadowing and more, we’re helping to teach the skills of effective decision making and career building to the next generation of bright minds.

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